Educating Teenagers Today

Torn” the Play – about the challenge of educating teenagers today

See the Pre-Selichot production of TORN the play at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates on Motzei Shabbat Sept. 20th.



“Torn is an outstanding, dynamic presentation by the Aspaklaria Theater of the spiritual struggles of a religious Jewish teenager who is questioning the tradition in which he was raised and educated.

It is thought provoking and well acted and a must see for High School and College youth as well as their parents. It provides a piercing insight into the inner thoughts of today’s youth and is ideal for penetrating discussions between parents and children.

I highly recommend, no insist, that parents and their teenage children view it together, and soon!” – Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Congregation Bnai Yeshurun

This is an exceptional play that portrays the educational problems that challenge our generation. 

With the great importance of the play’s theme, it will naturally draw many responses, questions and new understandings from students, educators and parents, each with their own perspective.” – Rabbi Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat

For more information or to book the play today:

Contact or 718-577-1390

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