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People Worldwide Expressed Solidarity with Israel via online Viewing of QASSAM

Even though it was New Years weekend, people from Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdon, Canada, Israel, Chile, the USA and other countries all gathered together around their home computers to watch the powerful movie QASSAM. 

By doing this small, yet symbolic act, each and every person was giving over a message of solidarity with the people of Israel in general and the people of Sderot and the South in particular.

Behind the headlines of falling qassam rockets there are real people, with real lives and real consequences to the terror that they have lived with for the past 8 years (over 10,000 rockets in 8 years!). The people who watched QASSAM are now more knowledgable, more connected and more attune to who these people are and what the went through.

Anyone interested in finding out about the next online screening of QASSAM or arranging a public screening in your home or community can contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org.

QASSAM is a Igal Hecht film produced by Chutzpa Productions and being promoted and distributed by 12Tribe Films Foundation.

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News Release: Worldwide (Virtual) Solidarity Event with Israel

This Sunday, January 4th, thousands of people worldwide will be watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years! 

With the world press coverage focused on the plight of the Arabs in Gaza, the world really should be in wonder how it took so long for a sovereign country, Israel, to act to protect its sovereign. 
The time has come for people to better understand what Israelis in Sderot have been experiencing the past 8 years!
People worldwide will be able to order virtual movie tickets and help support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.     

Virtual movie tickets can be ordered today:




Qassam Trailer – Short
Qassam Trailer – Long
Qassam is a Igal Hecht movie produced by Chutzpa Productions.

Contact Information:
Avi Abelow
avi at 12tribefilms dot org

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