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News Release: Worldwide (Virtual) Solidarity Event with Israel

This Sunday, January 4th, thousands of people worldwide will be watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years! 

With the world press coverage focused on the plight of the Arabs in Gaza, the world really should be in wonder how it took so long for a sovereign country, Israel, to act to protect its sovereign. 
The time has come for people to better understand what Israelis in Sderot have been experiencing the past 8 years!
People worldwide will be able to order virtual movie tickets and help support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.     

Virtual movie tickets can be ordered today:




Qassam Trailer – Short
Qassam Trailer – Long
Qassam is a Igal Hecht movie produced by Chutzpa Productions.

Contact Information:
Avi Abelow
avi at 12tribefilms dot org

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Standing with Israel!

This Sunday, January 4th, join thousands of people worldwide in watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years!

Your virtual movie ticket helps support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.

Order your virtual movie ticket today:

Invite others to participate and help lift the spirits of those in their time of need. 

This event is being sponsored by 12Tribe Films FoundationsStanding TogetherSderot Media Center and the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva. To have your organization added as a sponsoring organization contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org.

The world today is mostly focused on criticizing Israel for it’s attack on the terrorist forces in Gaza. Instead of criticizing Israel, the world should be asking what took Israel so long to respond to the 8 years of rocket attacks on its civilian population! Now is the time for us to show as much support and understanding for Israel as possible.

The time has come to better understand who these people are and what they have been experiencing. Now we should all take the opportunity to show the Israeli people that we care.

This Sunday, everyone will have a chance to show the poeple of Israel that they care!

Order your virtual movie ticket today:

Any reporters interested in more information can contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org

In the meantime, here is the trailer.

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Learning Torah for Sderot – The Shavuot Mishnathon for Sderot

12Tribe Films Foundations, the “For Impact” not for profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for causes about the Jewish people and the State of Israel by promoting creative projects, has partnered with the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva to raise awareness for the situation in Sderot by promoting a Shavuot Mishnathon project for communities and schools worldwide to take part in solidarity with Sderot. What better way to spend Shvuot – learning Torah and having friends and family members sponsor your learning towards donations for for the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva.

As rockets continue to fall on Sderot, the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva continues to build in Sderot as the ultimate Zionist response to the Kassam attacks. Several major projects are taking off on the campus, including the construction of “rocket-proof” housing units, a study hall and a pedagogical cultural center.

The enemies of Israel are trying to turn Sderot into a ghost town; we are determined not to let that happen.

See a video of the building project here.

Despite the situation, the Hesder Yeshiva  in Sderot has continued to flourish.  Located in the center of town, over 500 student/soldiers are currently enrolled in the Hesder’s five-year program, which combines Israel’s mandatory army service, with Torah study.  In addition, the Hesder remains a pillar in the community, reaching out to those in need from all walks of Jewish life during these difficult times.

The Hesder is currently:

•  Volunteering to help residents whose lives have been shattered as a result of a missile attack.  Hesder students visit families within 24 hours of an attack, providing them with food, water, and toys for the children. The students also spend hours talking to the victims, giving them strength and support on their road to recovery/rebuilding

•  Running a big brother program in the community to provide care and support for the children of Sderot

•  Running a program for retirees on the campus


•  Working with MDA to train the Hesder students to serve in the local MDA units. Many times a Hesder student is the first one on the scene following a kassam attack

All of this and much more!

Schools and communities can support the efforts of the Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot by taking part in the Shavuot Mishnathon for Sderot. For additional details about the Mishnathon, or to  have your community or school join, please visit:

and contact to receive the Mishnathon packet for running it in your community or school.

In the meantime, read the following New York Times article on Sderot that includes an interview with Rabbi Fendel, the head of the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva.



12Tribe Films Foundation (“12Tribe Films”) is a program provider specializing in movies and cultural events that show a side of the Jewish and Israeli narrative that receives little attention in the public discourse today. Our aim is to provide programs that allow people to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel today.




Avi Abelow

12Tribe Films Foundation

Phone:  718-577-1390




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American stars rally at L.A. benefit concert for Sderot

“What Can I do”?

1. Help create awareness – Send us the details of your Synagogue, School, Hillel Campus, Organization so we can contact them about organizing one of these solidarity events for your community or organization

2. Help the people in and around Sderot – We will then send them information on ways the community/school/Hillel/Organization can help –

Contact us with the information today –

Join our Facebook Page to help spread the message:

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Life in Sderot Today

Sderot Programs

“Israel’s Ability to Deal with Qassams is Almost Non-Existant” – This is today’s headline in the Jerusalem Post. 

It is so important to expose people to the situation our brothers and sisters in and around Sderot are living through. 

Click here to see some of our Sderot programs ( 

The daily reality of qassam rockets falling on Sderot and the Northern Negev continues without any hope for change. It is hard to imagine the reality of living in fear of rockets falling around you. This is the day to day reality that Israelis living in and around Sderot live with. Unfortunately, there is little awareness to the daily plight of our brothers and sisters in and around Sderot amongst world Jewry. 

12Tribe Films Foundation is now promoting different cultural programs for synagogues, schools, organizations etc. to schedule so that Jews worldwide can connect with our brothers and sisters living in and around Sderot by better understanding their plight. Movies, Plays, Picture Exhibits and Speaking Engagements – each organization can decide what program or programs they are most interested in to create awareness and raise money to help the people of Sderot.   

Click here to see some of our Sderot programs ( 

More programs will be added soon.

Anyone interested in finding out more information about any of the programs can contact 

12Tribe Films Foundation is working together with the Sderot Media Center so that the proceeds from the Sderot programs go towards refurbishing the emergency shelters in and around Sderot. (unknown by many, the shelters in and around Sderot need millions of dollars of refurbishments to make them usable)    

Even With the Unfortunate Situation in the South We Can’t Forget the Current Plight of former Gush Katif Residents  

This Saturday night tell your friends and family to set aside time to watch Home Game online and then contact us to set up a community screening. Click here to see the movie online ( 

Click the “Rent” button on the movie webpage and follow the steps to see the movie.  

The movie can be viewed online for a 3 day rental period for $4.99. 

For any technical questions or issues see this link ( and if necessary, contact the website platform company hosting the movie. Please do not contact me since I do not know the technical information. 

Upcoming Home Game Screening in Mount Vernon, New York: 

Dec. 29th at 6:30 PM  

Fleetwood Synagogue

11 E. Broad Street

Mount Vernon, NY 10552 

Spread the word to your friends and family who live nearby.  

on Facebook can assist in spreading the word by joining the 12Tribe Films Foundation Facebook group here: 


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The Optical Illusion of Annapolis

Everyone is talking about Annapolis? A success? A failure? The beginning of a process? The continuation of a process?

What bothers me is once again Israel’s leaders are moving forward towards “peace” with its enemies, without first taking care of all the problems that past “peace-making” initiatives have caused.

10,000 former residents from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron are still homeless, tens of thousands of residents of Sderot and the Northern Negev are under constant rocket fire and Israel’s leaders are moving ahead to create this same scenario again for hundreds of thousands of other Israelis.

 Many Jews and Israelis still don’t understand what befell the former residents of Gush Katif or Northern Shomron and what they are experiencing today. Many Jews and Israelis still don’t fathom the situation that people in Sderot and the Northern Negev are living through on a daily basis.

Our purpose is to open up people’s eyes by exposing them to Home Game the movie and to movies and plays about Sderot, so that more and more people understand, more and more people empathize, and that more and more people tell our leadership to first take care of the casualties they created before moving on to most probably create even more. More critical than all of this is the great divide that the Israeli leadership is creating within the Jewish people. If it is so important to talk with the enemy isn’t even more important to talk to fellow brothers?

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