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News Release: Worldwide (Virtual) Solidarity Event with Israel

This Sunday, January 4th, thousands of people worldwide will be watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years! 

With the world press coverage focused on the plight of the Arabs in Gaza, the world really should be in wonder how it took so long for a sovereign country, Israel, to act to protect its sovereign. 
The time has come for people to better understand what Israelis in Sderot have been experiencing the past 8 years!
People worldwide will be able to order virtual movie tickets and help support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.     

Virtual movie tickets can be ordered today:




Qassam Trailer – Short
Qassam Trailer – Long
Qassam is a Igal Hecht movie produced by Chutzpa Productions.

Contact Information:
Avi Abelow
avi at 12tribefilms dot org

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Standing with Israel!

This Sunday, January 4th, join thousands of people worldwide in watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years!

Your virtual movie ticket helps support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.

Order your virtual movie ticket today:

Invite others to participate and help lift the spirits of those in their time of need. 

This event is being sponsored by 12Tribe Films FoundationsStanding TogetherSderot Media Center and the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva. To have your organization added as a sponsoring organization contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org.

The world today is mostly focused on criticizing Israel for it’s attack on the terrorist forces in Gaza. Instead of criticizing Israel, the world should be asking what took Israel so long to respond to the 8 years of rocket attacks on its civilian population! Now is the time for us to show as much support and understanding for Israel as possible.

The time has come to better understand who these people are and what they have been experiencing. Now we should all take the opportunity to show the Israeli people that we care.

This Sunday, everyone will have a chance to show the poeple of Israel that they care!

Order your virtual movie ticket today:

Any reporters interested in more information can contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org

In the meantime, here is the trailer.

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12Tribe Films Foundations Launches Special Project to Help Former Gush Katif Residents Restore Their Dignity


 NEW YORK, NY Jan. 1, 2008:  12Tribe Films Foundations is now launching Operation Rebuild to help raise funds to rebuild the community of Netzer Hazani documented in the movie “Home Game”. 12Tribe Films Foundation is a “For Impact” not for-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds by promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  

More than 2 years have passed since the former residents of Gush Katif were removed from their homes, yet they still live in temporary caravans not knowing when they will move into their new homes that have yet to be built.

Last week the Gush Katif Residents Committee released its latest report on the state of the families removed from their homes during the Disengagement of 2005. The starkest finding: 85% of the expellees are still, 28 months later, living in temporary quarters.
MK Ze’ev Elkin (Kadima) proposed legislation in July 2007 that would require the government to speed up the process and complete all preparations for permanent housing within a year.  He proposed the bill, Elkin explained, “in light of the government forecast that at this rate, 75% of the expellees will move into their new homes within 2.5 years from now, or 4.5 years from the expulsion.  This is of course unacceptable.” 

Elkin’s bill was jointly sponsored with MKs Yuli Edelstein (Likud), Zevulun Orlev (Ichud Leumi), Amira Dotan (Kadima) and others, and was supported by no fewer than 65 Knesset Members.

Almost a half a year has passed and still little work has been done.

The community of Netzer Hazani, the first civilian town established in Gush Katif in 1976, is currently living in the interim small caravan site of Ein Tzurim, just south of Kiryat Malachi, after first spending 11 months in temporary hotels and youth hostels. 

Still today the farmers of Netzer Hazani have not received land to rebuild their homes or reestablish their agricultural businesses. Some of the farmers, most of whom have not yet received full compensation, have in the interim taken on minimal paying jobs while others are still unemployed.  

“All we want to do is go on with our lives, move into real homes and return to being productive citizens” said Anita Tucker, spokeswomen for the community and also known as the famous Gush Katif celery farmer. “We just want our dignity returned to us. The most important thing to spearhead this process is the rebuilding of our community.” 

According to an official Israel Government decision the community of Netzer Hazani is to be relocated and built anew in a permanent community site adjacent to Moshav Yesodot, part of the Nachal Sorek Regional Council. The rebuilding project of their new community costs a total of $32 million and so far $30 million has been allocated – $15 million from the government and $15 million from the Netzer Hazani residents’ compensation funds. $2 million still remains to be raised in order for the government to sign the agreement to begin the rebuilding project for the Netzer Hazani community.

“Operation Rebuild” is a special project where community centers, synagogues, schools or even individuals can organize special screenings of “Home Game” the movie as fundraising events to help raise the money necessary for the community of Netzer Hazani to receive the government approval necessary to rebuild. In this way every synagogue, school or individual can have a part in helping rebuild a community in Israel as well as help former residents of Gush Katif have their dignity restored. 

The Netzer Hazani community was a farming community. Their farmers were a staple of the 350 family agricultural industry in Gush Katif that represented some 10% of all agricultural produce raised in Israel; accounting for 65% of Israel’s organic export industry; 90% of Israel’s bug-free leafy vegetables; 45% of tomato exports and 95% of Israel’s cherry tomato exports and 60% of Israel’s herb exports.  

Gush Katif farmers employed 5,000 Jews and 5,000 Palestinians; Gush Katif hot houses covered an estimated 900-1,000 acres and were estimated to be worth over $80 million with total annual revenues around $60-70 million. (Statistics taken from the Jewish Agency website). To this day only a handful of the 350 farming families have been able to return to be productive farmers. 

Taking part in Operation Rebuild is a chesed (charity) project worthy of every community since it gives once productive members of Israeli society the ability to re-establish themselves and become active contributing members once again.  

“Home Game” has become known throughout the Jewish world as a captivating new film that encapsulates the surreal story of normal teenagers trying to continue an annual basketball tournament during a very abnormal summer in Israel – the summer of 2005 during the disengagement from Gaza.  This powerful film emphasizes the journey of these teenagers and their determination to win against all odds, both on and off the court. 

To see the Home Game trailer see our website:  

For additional information about taking part in “Operation Rebuild” or inquiries about donating towards this effort please send an email to 

ABOUT 12TRIBE FILMS FOUNDATION:  12Tribe Films Foundation (“12Tribe Films”) is a “For Impact” not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  While the projects of 12Tribe Films address religious, political, sociological, and current events effecting Israel and the Jewish people, our goal is to be an informative and educational resource that focuses on the underlying Jewish values and human experiences beneath the issues. 


Contact:Avi Abelow

12Tribe Films Foundation 


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WANTED: Earn Extra $ While Helping Israel

Do you ever find yourself complaining about Israel’s PR Effort worldwide?
Well a group of talented TV and media professionals are now doing something about it!.
A new media project called “Impact Israel” is gearing up for production and a team of English speaking, well-spoken and capable telemarketers will be needed.
You can be a part of this team in helping out with Israel’s PR efforts and earn some additional cash to your monthly salary.
This position is commission-only based with a high commission rate. Anyone intersted in learning more about the position please email
Please note your past telemarketing experience and why you are qualified for the job.
“Impact Israel” – because it’s up to us!

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WANTED: People who care about Israel

We are looking for a few good people who believe that Israel needs better PR in the world.


A new television program will be produced to be aired worldwide to create better PR for Israel as well as raise the whole issue of global terrorism and a nuclear Iran as a danger to the whole Western World in addition to Israel.


If these issues are important to you then please click here, scroll down to the bottom and let us know to be in contact with you to help us make this important program a success!


Gemar Chatima Tova!

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Who is the movie about?

12Tribe Films Foundation and the OU Israel Center are proud to present a new movie about one of the biggest Tzaddikim of the 20th century.
The screenings will take place during Chol Hamoed Sukkot at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem. A perfect personality to learn from during the chagim.
Who is the movie about?
Anyone who guesses correctly will receive 50% off the entrance fee to the movie at the Israel Center.
Please post a reply to this blog post with your answer and check the blog periodically to find out the answer. We will contact anyone who guesses correctly and inform them about their 50% discounted ticket.

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Educating Teenagers Today

Torn” the Play – about the challenge of educating teenagers today

See the Pre-Selichot production of TORN the play at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates on Motzei Shabbat Sept. 20th.



“Torn is an outstanding, dynamic presentation by the Aspaklaria Theater of the spiritual struggles of a religious Jewish teenager who is questioning the tradition in which he was raised and educated.

It is thought provoking and well acted and a must see for High School and College youth as well as their parents. It provides a piercing insight into the inner thoughts of today’s youth and is ideal for penetrating discussions between parents and children.

I highly recommend, no insist, that parents and their teenage children view it together, and soon!” – Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Congregation Bnai Yeshurun

This is an exceptional play that portrays the educational problems that challenge our generation. 

With the great importance of the play’s theme, it will naturally draw many responses, questions and new understandings from students, educators and parents, each with their own perspective.” – Rabbi Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat

For more information or to book the play today:

Contact or 718-577-1390

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