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Innovative Fundrasing for Organizations

Moving forward with ramping up for “Impact Israel” production project…

Innovative fund raising initiative for organizations, in todays down economy, while helping Israel.

A win-win situation for any Jewish organization today.

Care to hear more? 

Click here, scroll to the bottom and sign up so that we can contact you with all the information.

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Introducing “IMPACT ISRAEL”

One of today’s major threats to stability and world peace is the Iranian nuclear program and the extensive terrorist network that it supports worldwide. Iranian President Ahmadinejad made a mockery of the United Nations the other day where he gave one of the most anti-semitic speeches ever heard within the walls of the UN.
Something must be done.

A private new initiative is getting under way that involves the production of a TV program called IMPACT ISRAEL that will include an extensive use of media to encourage the democratic proclivity for promoting progressive change and making Israel and the rest of the world a better and safer place to live.

 This important TV series will highlight threats to the civilized world including Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism and the Iranian nuclear program.

The program will also include segments…

– that stress the positive influence of the State of Israel

– Israel’s contributions to the international community

– Israel’s geo-strategic importance as a bastion of democracy in the Middle East.

The TV program will present in-depth interviews with policy makers, think tank fellows, political analysts and security experts.

IMPACT ISRAEL will be produced and distributed by a team of people who were also involved in the production of Jerusalem on Line, hosted by Michael Greenspan, that was distributed worldwide in the 90’s.

It will be taped in Israel and televised worldwide with an emphasis on spreading the word to countries that have a high probability of supporting Israel if only their constituencies had more truthful information about Israel and the threats.
You know this information well and now we need to your help to make sure others hear this information too.

We are currently seeking the support of like-minded individuals and organizations to support this important program.

IMPACT ISRAEL is a private initiative that will be based on the public’s support.

For more information about this very timely and important program please contact avi@12tribefilms.org

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