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Is there a Chance for Support?

Maybe the new Israeli government, that is supposed to be a more understanding and supportive government for the Jewish communities living in Yehuda and Shomron, will be more supportive of us in our efforts to produce and promote movies and tv programs that give a truer picture of life in Israel, for all residents of this special land, including the ones who live in Yehuda and Shomron – like this tv series we are in the process of looking for funding for (this is link to interview with the producer/director of Givah (Hill) 769).

What do you think? Do you think there is there a chance we can get public funds to support our hard work at 12Tribe Films Foundation to promote our projects that are more understanding and supportive of Israelis that live in Yehuda and Shomron and their stories?

I’d love to hear your opinion.

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12Tribe Films Foundations Launches Special Project to Help Former Gush Katif Residents Restore Their Dignity


 NEW YORK, NY Jan. 1, 2008:  12Tribe Films Foundations is now launching Operation Rebuild to help raise funds to rebuild the community of Netzer Hazani documented in the movie “Home Game”. 12Tribe Films Foundation is a “For Impact” not for-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds by promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  

More than 2 years have passed since the former residents of Gush Katif were removed from their homes, yet they still live in temporary caravans not knowing when they will move into their new homes that have yet to be built.

Last week the Gush Katif Residents Committee released its latest report on the state of the families removed from their homes during the Disengagement of 2005. The starkest finding: 85% of the expellees are still, 28 months later, living in temporary quarters.
MK Ze’ev Elkin (Kadima) proposed legislation in July 2007 that would require the government to speed up the process and complete all preparations for permanent housing within a year.  He proposed the bill, Elkin explained, “in light of the government forecast that at this rate, 75% of the expellees will move into their new homes within 2.5 years from now, or 4.5 years from the expulsion.  This is of course unacceptable.” 

Elkin’s bill was jointly sponsored with MKs Yuli Edelstein (Likud), Zevulun Orlev (Ichud Leumi), Amira Dotan (Kadima) and others, and was supported by no fewer than 65 Knesset Members.

Almost a half a year has passed and still little work has been done.

The community of Netzer Hazani, the first civilian town established in Gush Katif in 1976, is currently living in the interim small caravan site of Ein Tzurim, just south of Kiryat Malachi, after first spending 11 months in temporary hotels and youth hostels. 

Still today the farmers of Netzer Hazani have not received land to rebuild their homes or reestablish their agricultural businesses. Some of the farmers, most of whom have not yet received full compensation, have in the interim taken on minimal paying jobs while others are still unemployed.  

“All we want to do is go on with our lives, move into real homes and return to being productive citizens” said Anita Tucker, spokeswomen for the community and also known as the famous Gush Katif celery farmer. “We just want our dignity returned to us. The most important thing to spearhead this process is the rebuilding of our community.” 

According to an official Israel Government decision the community of Netzer Hazani is to be relocated and built anew in a permanent community site adjacent to Moshav Yesodot, part of the Nachal Sorek Regional Council. The rebuilding project of their new community costs a total of $32 million and so far $30 million has been allocated – $15 million from the government and $15 million from the Netzer Hazani residents’ compensation funds. $2 million still remains to be raised in order for the government to sign the agreement to begin the rebuilding project for the Netzer Hazani community.

“Operation Rebuild” is a special project where community centers, synagogues, schools or even individuals can organize special screenings of “Home Game” the movie as fundraising events to help raise the money necessary for the community of Netzer Hazani to receive the government approval necessary to rebuild. In this way every synagogue, school or individual can have a part in helping rebuild a community in Israel as well as help former residents of Gush Katif have their dignity restored. 

The Netzer Hazani community was a farming community. Their farmers were a staple of the 350 family agricultural industry in Gush Katif that represented some 10% of all agricultural produce raised in Israel; accounting for 65% of Israel’s organic export industry; 90% of Israel’s bug-free leafy vegetables; 45% of tomato exports and 95% of Israel’s cherry tomato exports and 60% of Israel’s herb exports.  

Gush Katif farmers employed 5,000 Jews and 5,000 Palestinians; Gush Katif hot houses covered an estimated 900-1,000 acres and were estimated to be worth over $80 million with total annual revenues around $60-70 million. (Statistics taken from the Jewish Agency website). To this day only a handful of the 350 farming families have been able to return to be productive farmers. 

Taking part in Operation Rebuild is a chesed (charity) project worthy of every community since it gives once productive members of Israeli society the ability to re-establish themselves and become active contributing members once again.  

“Home Game” has become known throughout the Jewish world as a captivating new film that encapsulates the surreal story of normal teenagers trying to continue an annual basketball tournament during a very abnormal summer in Israel – the summer of 2005 during the disengagement from Gaza.  This powerful film emphasizes the journey of these teenagers and their determination to win against all odds, both on and off the court. 

To see the Home Game trailer see our website: http://www.12tribefilms.org/project.php?id=1  

For additional information about taking part in “Operation Rebuild” or inquiries about donating towards this effort please send an email to avi@12tribefilms.org 

ABOUT 12TRIBE FILMS FOUNDATION:  12Tribe Films Foundation (“12Tribe Films”) is a “For Impact” not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  While the projects of 12Tribe Films address religious, political, sociological, and current events effecting Israel and the Jewish people, our goal is to be an informative and educational resource that focuses on the underlying Jewish values and human experiences beneath the issues. 


Contact:Avi Abelow

12Tribe Films Foundation


Website:  www.12tribefilms.org

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American stars rally at L.A. benefit concert for Sderot

“What Can I do”?

1. Help create awareness – Send us the details of your Synagogue, School, Hillel Campus, Organization so we can contact them about organizing one of these solidarity events for your community or organization http://12tribefilms.org/SderotPrograms/

2. Help the people in and around Sderot – We will then send them information on ways the community/school/Hillel/Organization can help –

Contact us with the information today – info@12tribefilms.org

Join our Facebook Page to help spread the message: http://www.facebook.com/pages/12Tribe-Films-Foundation/6197893450

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“Civilization on Trial TV” Series: Who, Why, What, Where, When and How

Please look at the following slideshow presentation to understand the who, why, what, when, where and how about this important production:

Press “play” (green button) to start it, or use the arrows to control it manually.

We invite you to download the slideshow file here.

We seek your help in bringing this vision to a reality. Please contact avi@12tribefilms.org to find out how.

For all Facebook users please join the following 2 groups to help support our cause:

1,000,000 Strong supporting a nuclear free Iran  – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7918336149

12Tribe Films Foundation – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6197893450

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Give All Your Students the Chance to Own a Piece of Land in Israel to Better Understand and Fulfill the Mitzvah of Shmitta 

What:  This sabbatical year of Shmitta enhance your Tu B’shvat educational program by allowing your students to better understand the mitzvah of shmitta – have them become  owners of a piece of land in Israel to fulfill the mitzvah as well!

The mitzvah of Shmitta is one that few have the privilege of fulfilling. The opportunity provides itself only once in 7 years and only those who own land according to the Torah’s specifications can fulfill it. Rabbis throughout the generations have longed for the opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah, even when they lived outside of the land of Israel.

The 12Tribe Films Foundation – www.12tribefilms.org – together with the Shomrei Shviit organization – www.shviit.com – bring this special program to Jewish educational institutions worldwide for this very unique Tu B’shvat.

(See http://www.shviit.com/ and download this brochure for all the information about this special Shmitta opportunity that complies with Halacha, Jewish law, and Israeli law. Letter of Support from former Chief Israeli Rabbi – Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu)

How:  Shomrei Shvi’it offers each Jew the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of shmitta by buying a piece of agricultural land located in an apricot field near Zichron Yaakov (Section 11326, parcel 29 – as registered in the Tabu by the Israeli government). Each person is given an opportunity to purchase a piece of land that is the area of at least 4 square amos (4.429 square feet) that will be totally owned by the buyer according to both Halacha, Jewish law, and Israeli law.

Each student pays only $7 to own a piece of land in Israel. Your school will be given a piece of land whose size will be dependant upon the number of students who pay the $7. The school will receive the legal documents attesting to the ownership of the piece of land and each student will receive a personalized certificate from Shomrei Shviit authorizing their ownership.

The students fulfill the mitzvah of Shmitta since the apricot fields are laying fallow until the end of the Shmitta year and all who desire may enter the fields and take from the produce which have the sanctity of Shvi’it. 

Why Like Shabbat, Shmitta is a means for connecting everything back to its source. As we grow farther in time from the point of creation, we need Shmitta to bring us home. Just when creation seems a faded memory and we feel that mankind runs the world and that our brilliance has brought us whatever bounty humankind has achieved, Shmitta brings a Shabbat to the land that changes everything.

According to Jewish law, fruits that grow during the special year in the land of Israel are public domain, and anyone, rich or poor can eat them. We are reminded that any personal property we have is nothing more than a Divine loan. Classic laws of property that give us comfort and delude us into thinking we run the world are suspended as debts are forgiven, and on the yovel following the culmination of seven shmitta cycles, land sales revert and property goes back to its tribal apportionment from the time Jews entered the land of Israel. Shmitta gives us the opportunity to melt away the distance between ourselves and creation, and to give the land back to God, thereby returning it to its source.

Teach your students these important lessons by giving them the ability to fulfill the mitzvah of Shmitta this Tu B’shvat by owning their own piece of land in Israel this Shmitta year. This program allows educational institutions worldwide to make the mitzvah of Shmitta much more tangible and appreciated by their students.

***Any individual who wants to purchase his own piece of land can do so as well for the special price of $170***

 For additional information about having your school take part in this special Tu B’svhat program or inquiries about purchasing your own personal piece of land to fulfill the mitzva of Shmitta please send an email to avi@12tribefilms.org 

Stay tuned for other 12Tribe Films Foundation special cultural programs for your educational institutions – Including: Israel’s 60th Birthday, Yom Yerushalayim events, Connecting with the people of Sderot and connecting with the former residents of Gush Katif.

ABOUT 12TRIBE FILMS FOUNDATION:  12Tribe Films Foundation (“12Tribe Films”) is a “For Impact” not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  While the projects of 12Tribe Films address religious, political, sociological, and current events effecting Israel and the Jewish people, our goal is to be an informative and educational resource that focuses on the underlying Jewish values and human experiences beneath the issues. 

Contact:Avi Abelow

12Tribe Films Foundation

Email:  avi@12tribefilms.org 

Website:  http://www.12tribefilms.org/

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“Home Game” the Movie is Now Available Online For All To See. Watch it Today…

Click here to see the movie online (http://12tribefilms.org/player.php)

See the movie, forward it on to friends and family, post the movie link on your blogs, community lists etc.

Allow everyone you know the opportunity to see this inspiring and important movie to better understand who the people of Gush Katif are, what they went through then and empathize with their predicament today.  While the government of Israel is beginning to talk about possibly uprooting more Jews from Judea and Samaria, it is important that people know all about the people of Gush Katif, then and now.

“Fabulous and Powerful Movie” – Prof. Yisrael Aumann, Nobel Prize LaureateNow they can see it from their own homes and begin to understand.  Click the “Rent” button on the movie webpage and follow the steps to see the movie.  

The movie can be viewed online for a 3 day rental period for $4.99. 

For any technical questions or issues see this link (http://studio.brightcove.com/library/faq/viewing_video_faq.cfm) and if necessary, contact the website platform company hosting the movie. Please do not contact me since I do not know the technical information.

Anyone on Facebook can assist in spreading the word by joining the 12Tribe Films Foundation Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6197893450 

To arrange a screening in shules, schools or organizations please contact screenings@12tribefilms.org   

Stay Tuned for Programs on Sderot…  

Help us make this all happen. Forward the movie link to everyone you know. Sign up for our newsletters from our website www.12tribefilms.org .

Contact us to organize a community screening. Spread the Word. 

See Home Game the movie online here today!

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