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Nobel Prize Winner Saw “Home Game” Last Night in Jerusalem

Professor Aumann

I had the pleasure of meeting a nobel prize winner at a “Home Game” screening last night at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Professor Yisrael Aumann attended the screening!!!

During the question and answer period with the Producer (me) and Director (Yaron Shane) Professor Aumann took the microphone and said “The movie was Fabulous, strong and Kol Hakavod!!”

I can’t tell you how much it means to hear such words from probably the one Jew in our generation to make a Kiddush Hashem on a global scale – not for winning the nobel prize but for winning the nobel prize as a proud Jew!!

Together With his whole family at the ceremony (including grandchildren and great-grandchildren) wearing their shatnez checked formal white suits, with their kippot on their heads, eating kosher food at the whole event and walking to the event after Shabbat even though it started during Shabbat!

I am honored to have met this man and his wife and humbled that he took the time to see “Home Game” and compliment it so.

That is what the whole world saw from the last Jew to win a nobel prize!

Professor Yisrael Robert John Aumann

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