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Standing with Israel!

This Sunday, January 4th, join thousands of people worldwide in watching QASSAM, the powerful movie about people in Sderot, and share in their experiences over the past 8 years!

Your virtual movie ticket helps support organizations that support the people of Israel…and in particular the residents of the Southern communities most affected by rocket barrages.

Order your virtual movie ticket today: http://israelwecare.weebly.com

Invite others to participate and help lift the spirits of those in their time of need. 

This event is being sponsored by 12Tribe Films FoundationsStanding TogetherSderot Media Center and the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva. To have your organization added as a sponsoring organization contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org.

The world today is mostly focused on criticizing Israel for it’s attack on the terrorist forces in Gaza. Instead of criticizing Israel, the world should be asking what took Israel so long to respond to the 8 years of rocket attacks on its civilian population! Now is the time for us to show as much support and understanding for Israel as possible.

The time has come to better understand who these people are and what they have been experiencing. Now we should all take the opportunity to show the Israeli people that we care.

This Sunday, everyone will have a chance to show the poeple of Israel that they care!

Order your virtual movie ticket today: http://israelwecare.weebly.com

Any reporters interested in more information can contact avi at 12tribefilms dot org

In the meantime, here is the trailer.

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