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An Entertaining and Meaningful Synagogue Program

This winter you have the opportunity to provide your community with an entertaining program that can also make a huge impact on the former residents of the Gush Katif community of Netzer Hazani.    

Operation Rebuild – Rebuilding Homes and Lives

12Tribe Films Foundation – will be launching “Operation Rebuild”, which is dedicated to raising funds to help rebuild the Gush Katif community of Netzer Hazani, documented in the movie “Home Game”.

Over two years after being removed from their homes, the former residents from Gush Katif are still living in temporary caravan homes. Unfortunately, much money is needed in order for them to even receive the government approval to begin to rebuild.

As you might know, finally beginning to build their permanent homes and restart their agricultural businesses will not only improve their lives but also help restore their dignity and assist their process of returning to their prior selves as contributing members to Israeli society and Am Yisrael. 

Have Your Synagogue or Organization Join

You can take part in Operation Rebuild by organizing a screening of the important film “Home Game” in your community.

You will not only be offering your community members the important opportunity to see this meaningful and important film (“Fabulous and Powerful Movie” – Prof. Yisrael Aumann, Nobel Prize Laureate”) but you will also allow them to take part in donating towards the rebuilding of a community in Israel and more importantly take part in the process of restoring fellow Jews’ dignity.  

Take a Peak at Home Game

We welcome you to view the Home Game trailer online and read some of the press coverage by clicking here.

Contact Us

Please contact us to find out how your community or organization can take part in Operation Rebuild or how you can donate towards this important project. I will be pleased to respond to any and all inquiries and can be contacted by email: avi@12tribefilms.org 

Avi Abelow

Founder and CEO12Tribe Films Foundation



Realizing that the media coverage of the disengagement focused solely on the political and sociological issues, “Home Game” was produced to give a voice to the little known human story of the former residents of Gush Katif also giving context to their situation today 2 years later. The film presents people the opportunity to connect to their Israeli counterparts through an experience that few even know occurred. “Home Game” is a captivating film about the surreal story of normal teenagers from the community of Netzer Hazani trying to continue an annual basketball tournament during a very abnormal summer in Israel – the summer of 2005 during the disengagement from Gaza.  This powerful docu-drama emphasizes the journey of these teenagers and their determination, emunah and heroism to win against all odds, both on and off the court. 


12Tribe Films Foundation (“12Tribe Films”) is a “For Impact” not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire.  While the projects of 12Tribe Films address religious, political, sociological, and current events effecting Israel and the Jewish people, our goal is to be an informative and educational resource that focuses on the underlying Jewish values and human experiences beneath the issues. The proceeds from 12Tribe Film Foundation programs go towards the causes they represent.  

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