12Tribe Films Foundation was founded to promote and distribute movies and cultural/media programs about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire so that the artists creating these important works can focus their time, energy and talents on what they do best – create! The Foundation focuses on making sure people hear about their creations and are impacted by them

What We Do:

– Develop strategic communication plans to create awareness for your creations

– Implement the plans to promote and market your creations to the targeted audience/s with an emphasis on maximizing new media

– Distribute the program to communities/organizations around the world

– Create awareness for the program and promote it together with the local/hosting organization in order to create buzz and attract the public

If you have a movie, play, book, art exhibit or other cultural/media project that educates people about the Jewish people or the Land of Israel then 12Tribe Films Foundation can help you create awareness for your project, promote it and distribute it. Contact us today to see if your project abides by the 12Tribe Films Foundation charter by sending us an email:

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