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The Optical Illusion of Annapolis

Everyone is talking about Annapolis? A success? A failure? The beginning of a process? The continuation of a process?

What bothers me is once again Israel’s leaders are moving forward towards “peace” with its enemies, without first taking care of all the problems that past “peace-making” initiatives have caused.

10,000 former residents from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron are still homeless, tens of thousands of residents of Sderot and the Northern Negev are under constant rocket fire and Israel’s leaders are moving ahead to create this same scenario again for hundreds of thousands of other Israelis.

 Many Jews and Israelis still don’t understand what befell the former residents of Gush Katif or Northern Shomron and what they are experiencing today. Many Jews and Israelis still don’t fathom the situation that people in Sderot and the Northern Negev are living through on a daily basis.

Our purpose is to open up people’s eyes by exposing them to Home Game the movie and to movies and plays about Sderot, so that more and more people understand, more and more people empathize, and that more and more people tell our leadership to first take care of the casualties they created before moving on to most probably create even more. More critical than all of this is the great divide that the Israeli leadership is creating within the Jewish people. If it is so important to talk with the enemy isn’t even more important to talk to fellow brothers?

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